THE COLUMN: Best of 2012 - Dallas Critics Charlie Bowles and Nicole Hodges recognize Tre Garrett and Jubilee Theatre!
Date :2013-01-14

Tre Garrett - Jubilee Theater

Pretty Fire - Jubilee Theatre - Directed by Tre Garrett

BEST ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Tre Garrett of Jubilee Theatre.

Taking over the AD job from a legend is dangerous and challenging. How do you honor the legacy of a founder, yet bring fresh life to a strong patronage. Garrett's show selection this year and last and his direction of designers and casts creates an exciting continuity towards the themes Jubilee promotes, even while stretching their vision.

BEST ACTRESS: Ebony Marshall in PRETTY FIRE (Jubliee Theatre).

As the actor and singer of that amazing story, Ebony Marshall-Oliver won the DFW Critics Award and deserved it. Her voice was strong and varied from a powerfully "ballsy" soul to her quiet little-girl 1st songs to a quiet but deeply-felt talking-singer. Her range of acting emotions, story-telling, and different characters showed the joy, sadness, fear, disbelief, hope, shame, and nuances one could imagine a girl feeling her life story from early childhood. She is best actress and best female singer for 2012.